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Bake off oven incl 70pcs Cinnamon bun.
  • Price: 2 495 sek /pcs
Chocolate pastry
  • Price: 16 sek /pcs
Cinnamon bun
  • Price: 25 sek /pcs
Ecological Cookies 1 kg
  • Price: 190 sek /pcs
Fruit platter 7kg
  • Price: 399 sek /pcs
Fully equipped sausage cart incl. 100pcs sausage & bread and mustard, ketchup, roasted onion, sausage paper, napkins. Requires 240V 10A power outlet.
Hot dog cart incl. sausages with accompaniments
  • Price: 2 995 sek /pcs
  • Fully equipped sausage cart incl. 100pcs...
Hot dogs 50pcs
  • Price: 900 sek /pcs
Potato crisps 200g
  • Price: 45 sek /pcs
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